I was born in 1965 in South Africa and studied at the University of South Africa, Pretoria. In 1997 I moved to New Zealand anf have been showing my work in both solo and group exhibitions. I featured in the “New Zealand Favourite Artists” Volume 2.

My canvases have been described as being rich, warm and easy on the eye. They are vivid in colour, harmonious in form and vitality. I have four main styles: landscapes, figuratives, abstracts and flowers. I am passionate about experimenting with texture, colour and different media and as a result produce a unique and compelling finish. I portray people, places and objects that link me to my surroundings. “I try to impose a visual and emotional experience in my paintings – to remind me of a place, time or memory, although the exactness of the moment will sometimes continue to evade me"

The warm, welcome golden palette of the canvases invites contemplation and reflection.  “I paint for the love of expression and the passion of life and all the beauty in it.” I endeavour to arouse emotions and sensations, often of serenity and tranquillity. My abstract oils convey a feeling of controlled atmospheric space and a measured control of depth and perspective. I hope my enjoyment of experimentation has brought a degree of diversity across my paintings, and that this pleasure shows through.


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